Create a scholarship

You can create a scholarship at Wayne State in many ways, including making a pledge to pay over time and providing for the Honors College through your estate. 

An annual scholarship is immediately available for students and will continue until the funds are exhausted. The number of students awarded an annual scholarship depends on the amount of each award. For example, a gift of $25,000 could provide five scholarships of $5,000 or 10 scholarships  of $2,500. 

An endowed scholarship leaves a legacy of support for generations of students. An endowed scholarship is permanently available to support students because the original gift is invested, and the scholarship is funded through investment earnings. The amount available for scholarship awards each year will depend on the size of the initial gift and the endowment distribution rate. 

However you choose to give, your support helps students realize their dreams, continuing Wayne State's tradition of opportunity and excellence. 

For more information about giving to  the  Honors  College,  contact Mary  Barden, Assistant  Director of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations, 313-577-4031.