Alumni Spotlights

Honors Alum to Career in a minute 

Notable Questions with Honors Alum

  • Sheldon Bernard

    "Build a strong foundation and it will carry you far in the long run irrespective of your humble beginnings.  You may not immediately see the benefits of joining something like the Honors Program but those extra experiences will add up and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace."
  • Audrey Harvey

    "My experience in law school refined and enhanced my analytical thinking focusing on how rules can or should be applied to any situation.  Learning to dig into details, interpret rules, and appreciate the nuances of a situation has allowed me to excel as a creative thinker who is not afraid to think differently and drives to understand intimate details surrounding business decisions."
  • Felecia Williams

    "I knew WSU was a great institution that could prepare me for the rigors of becoming a physician; however, looking back on my experiences makes me even more appreciative of WSU’s impact on my life and my career."
  • Brent Gillum

    "Lessons from WSU: be clear on the directions/objectives and work hard. Do not be afraid to ask questions or to ask for help."
  • Jerry and Livia Franchina

    “I like giving back because I remember how grateful I was to receive my scholarship. It made a huge difference for me.”