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City-based and service-oriented, the Irvin D. Reid Honors College promotes excellence and challenges students to engage with the world around them as problem-solvers and leaders.

Student spotlights

Connor Tukel MedStart - Near Eastern Languages with a Concentration in Hebrew (Pre-Med), 2019
Honors at Wayne State is unique because of the environment in which the school resides. Living and learning in a socioeconomically diverse, urban setting like Detroit provides for a one-of-a-kind collegiate experience, the likes of which are unmatched by any other institution in the nation.
Ashton Lewandowski Biomedical Physics, 2019
It has helped me to branch away and learn about a wider area of science than I was previously used to. This has helped me to tie my lessons together from multiple different courses because I have a strong background in Physics and Biology.

We will create and advance knowledge, prepare a diverse student body to thrive, and positively impact local and global communities.