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Dear Friends,

Imagine if the Irvin D. Reid Honors College were tuition-free. Currently, nearly all Honors students receive some scholarship support, and some (about fifteen per year) receive coveted "full rides," but what if all did? Think about how that would transform our ability to attract, retain, and nurture top talent right here in Detroit. 

It's a big dream with a big price tag—but suppose we start with the senior year? That's more doable—but we have to start somewhere.

That's why we've launched the Finish Line Fund in the Irvin D. Reid Honors College. The Finish Line Fund will build an endowment and support targeted scholarships for high-achieving seniors. It enables them to focus on preparing for their next steps instead of taking on extra jobs (and stress) to cover extra debt. We'll start with $1000 scholarships for as many seniors as possible, selected for financial need and academic achievement, and then build from there.

Your contribution of any amount will help grow the Finish Line endowment, which will generate interest each year in perpetuity. The bigger the endowment grows, the more interest it generates and the more students we can support. But because we want to help students right away, we've also created options for donors to support current deserving seniors with immediate gifts. By both growing the endowment and awarding some scholarships now, we can create momentum to make the long-range dream a reality.

Want to do more? You can also join our campaign as a Founder, Fellow, or Friend:

Founders: With a gift of at least $5000 a year for five years, you can create your own named Finish Line endowment. My own scholarship, the Dean Corvino Endowed scholarship, is an example.

Fellows: With a gift of at least $2500 a year for four years, you can choose either to help build the endowment OR to support 2-3 current students per year with Finish Line Scholarships.

Friends: With a gift of at least $1000 a year for three years, you can support a student each year with a Finish Line Scholarship.

Founders, Fellows, and Friends will receive video thank-yous from the students they fund and will be honored at an annual event celebrating our supporters. More important, they—along with all contributors to the Finish Line Fund, of any amount—will help deserving young leaders get a solid footing as they launch their post-college lives.

For more information, please contact my colleague Mary Barden at THANK YOU for your support of our outstanding students.

John F. Corvino, Ph.D.


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