Alumni and friends

History of the Honors Community  

1926  |  Mackenzie Honor Society

  1. Organized in 1926 and open to men only. 

  1. Named in honor of David Mackenzie, first dean of what is now the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

  1. 1931: Karyatides, a womens honor society, is established. 

  1. 1981: Mackenzie and Karyatides are merged; combined program becomes David Mackenzie Honor Society. 

  1. David Mackenzie Honor Society continues to induct several top graduating seniors and one honorary member annually.

  1. Past honorary members include journalist Helen Thomas '42 and Wayne State president emeritus Irvin D. Reid. 

1959  |  Monteith College                      

  1. Founded in 1959 

  1. Offered students (known as Monteith Scholars) the advantages of a small college within a large university 

  1. Home to some of Wayne State's most innovative faculty members and students during the '60s and '70s

  1. Students embraced new ideas as the college emphasized dialogue and inquiry, with a goal to identify and impart knowledge that every student should possess 

"We want our students to look at the world whole, but without missing the details."  — Monteith faculty member 

1972  |  Merit Scholars Program           

  1. Created in 1972

  1. Provided full tuition to more than 4,500 students demonstrating superior academic achievement

  1. Continues today as the Presidential Scholars program

2008  |  Irvin D. Reid Honors College   

  1. Founded in 2008

  1. Named for former Wayne State President Irvin D. Reid

  1. Highest-achieving undergraduates are invited to join an engaged and dynamic academic community