Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Irvin D. Reid Honors College at Wayne State?

    The Irvin D. Reid Honors College provides Wayne State's highest-achieving undergraduates with a program that is both academically rigorous and culturally engaged. Founded in 2008, it is home to roughly 2000 students, comprising both University Honors and Departmental Honors tracks.

  • What are the benefits of doing Honors?

    The College provides many advantages, including:

    • a community of high-achieving students
    • pre-priority class registration
    • dedicated Honors academic advisors
    • smaller classes taught by senior full-time faculty
    • unique opportunities for undergraduate research
    • special private scholarships
    • Honors floors in residence halls, for students who live on campus
    • special recognition at graduation, with Honors designation on degree and transcript
  • What is the admission process for the Honors College?

    There are three separate pathways for students to gain admission into the Honors College: either as an incoming first-year students, transfer student, or as a currently enrolled Wayne State student.  

    First-year Honors students are selected through their admission process into Wayne State University based on the GPA and SAT/ACT score at time of admission. Once admitted, the Honors College will notify students via email and letter about their admission into the Honors College. 

    Transfer students are invited into the Honors College based off of credit hours completed and incoming transfer GPA during their admission into Wayne State University. 

    Current Wayne State students can apply into the Honors College after they have completed 12 credits (one semester worth) at Wayne State.   

  • What are the qualifications to get into the Honors College?

    First-year students: 3.65 GPA and a minimum 26 ACT/1240 SAT 

    Transfer students: 3.3 GPA and 12 transferrable credits  

    Current students: 3.3 Wayne State GPA and 12 credits 

  • Are transfer and upper level students able to join Honors?

    Yes. Transfer students and current Wayne State students are welcomed to join the Irvin D. Reid Honors College and complete both University and Departmental Honors, or “Honors within your major.” Some majors have specific requirements for their Departmental Honors track, so please check the Departmental Honors page for more information. 

    If interested in pursuing University Honors, please schedule a time to meet with one of our Honors advisors by emailing

  • What is the difference between University Honors and Departmental Honors?

    The University Honors track is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary program that includes a distinctive first-year sequence, community-engagement experiences, and Honors courses across the curriculum. The Departmental Honors track is a discipline-specific program that varies by major; students apply after taking at least a semester of courses at Wayne State. Note that all Honors students pursue a traditional major in conjunction with their Honors experience, with access to the full range of faculty, courses, and programs at Wayne State.

  • How do Honors College courses fit in with my degree requirements?

    Honors credits can be found within a students general education curriculum as well as in a student's major/minor course of study.  Students will work directly with Honors College Academic Advisors to map out the best plan for earning honors credits within their programs.

  • Are Honors classes harder than regular college classes?

    Although it does depend on the type and level of the course, Honors courses generally entail a similar amount of work as other classes. However, if you choose an Honors section of a course or choose to pursue an Honors Option in a specific class, this does make the class more difficult. Usually, these classes will have an extra assignment, paper, or number of problems that must be completed in order for the class to count for honors credits.

  • What kind of Scholarships does the Honors College offer?

    The Honors College offers a wide variety of private scholarships that range from either one year to four years. The four-year scholarships are awarded to freshmen during the admission process, while the other private scholarships are offered every Winter semester.   

  • Are there opportunities for study abroad?

    Yes. The Honors College went to Paris, France for the Winter 2019 semester and is looking to increase study abroad opportunities in the future. Students can also check the Study Abroad page for additional opportunities outside of the Honors College.  

  • How do I request a block lift for an Honors course?

    All student requesting a block lift must complete this online form.