Honors student organizations

There is no shortage of opportunities for students to get involved on campus, whether it be through an academic program or by joining a student club or organization. With over 400 student organizations registered through the Dean of Students Office, there is always an opportunity to get involved in student life. 

Below you will find a list of student organizations that were started either by Honors students, through a project done in a Honors class, or has close affilication with the Honors College. 

Best Buddies International

Best Buddies International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We work specifically within the Detroit-Berkley Area.

What makes your organization stand out?

We work with adults with intellectual and developmental disorders and within the Detroit Berkley area. We work to end the social barrier between IDD people and get first hand experience with anyone from down syndrome, autism, Fragile X, Williams Syndrome etc. You also get to participate in fun events, build friendships and get to be apart of some amazing volunteer events. This is a great opportunity to gain experience and qualities that can benefit future jobs or professional schools.

Leadership: Currently have our President Julia Woodford and Vice-President Cassidy Wood. We are looking for dedicated new members who are looking for a leadership role or if you are interested but not looking for a huge commitment this organization would be perfect for you as well.

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

We have monthly events with our buddies from the Berkley area in the Detroit area. We have events either on campus or other locations such as bowling alleys or the DIA. We have planned some fundraisers but we are looking to build new traditions and plan new events to help expand our organization.

Contact information: gi7638@wayne.edu

Social media: Instagram- bestbuddieswsu Facebook- Best Buddies at Wayne State University

Dance Workshop

Dance Workshop is a student org designed for dance majors at WSU to get experience working in a professional dance company members of Dance Workshop posingenvironment.

What makes your organization stand out?

Our organization is run exactly like a real professional dance company, including a board, fundraising, outreach, and publicity. We also put on our own self-produced show at the end of every January.

Leadership: Co-Directors: Joey M. and Amanda B.

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

Dance Workshop has done many community outreach programs. Last season alone we volunteered at a local community garden, preparing the soil for garlic plants. We also put on a flash mob for a little girl in the Make A Wish Foundation at the Rennaisance Center. We also host biannual improvisation jams for high school and college students who want to move. This year we plan on putting on our first ever community showcase, giving local metro Detroit choreographers a chance to showcase their work in a collegiate setting.

Contact information: Joey Mattar, gn5406@wayne.edu

Social media: Instagram: @danceworkshopwsu

Detroit Community Assistance Program (DCAP)

Our aim is to make winter and summer care packages for people afflicted with homelessness and we also try to break down Two girls standing at table smiling with posterstereotypes amongst the homeless population that any students may believe. 

What makes your organization stand out?

We are primarily a service organization that looks to help out a minority that is often ignored in our society. We try to remind everyone and people that are afflicted with homelessness themselves that they are humans too that have been dealt with very difficult life circumstances.

Leadership: Co-Presidents: Sruthi Talluri (gb0756) and Tulsi Sadasivan

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

We hold soup kitchen/service events every other week (same week as our informational meetings) where our members can participate in giving back to the community. In addition, we have had Dean Hartwell come to one of our meetings to talk about her research on homelessness in the Boston area. We have also presented as an honors organization in the 500 year anniversary event that Wayne State has held. We have been very involved on campus and have had collaborations with other organizations such as Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Epsilon Mu, and many more! Our primary objective of course is to make care packages and we have made roughly 400+ care packages for the Winter and Spring terms combined in the past couple of years.

Contact information: email: gb0756@wayne.edu; cell: 2487054256

Social media: twitter: @DCAP_

HEART 4 Heart

Description: HEART 4 Heart hosts the University Hands-Only CPR Challenge, a week-long training competition between universities heart to heart logoin Michigan to increase the number of people who can perform Hands-Only CPR. We have also hosted trainings in the community outside of Challenge Week!

What makes your organization stand out?

We are a brand new organization and are looking to branch out to more midwestern universities in the future to become a bigger challenge.

Leadership: Cedric Mutebi, Ciera Flinkingshelt, and Daniel McLeskey

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

We alone at Wayne State trained over 1,000 people in last year's Challenge Week, and we plan to try and double that number this September!

Contact information: Daniel McLeskey: gh6471@wayne.edu/(734)363-9054

Social media: We mainly use Instagram, @UniversityHOCPR, but we're also on Twitter and Facebook.

Minority Leaders of Tomorrow

The Minority Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) wish to engage other minority students of Wayne State University throughout their educational careers through leadership. Minority Leaders of Tomorrow strive to become leaders of not only the University they attend, but also within their communities, future generations and later fields of academia. MLT focuses on three pillars that promote leadership engagement and skill building. These three pillars consist of (1) building collaborative work environments, (2) student led mentoring, and (3) professional mentoring

What makes your organization stand out?

Our organization stands out by targeting minorities across the Wayne State University Campus by engaging them to become leaders in their field of study, leaders at the University they are attending/will attend in the future, as well as leaders in their communities and field of work in the future.

Leadership: Currently our Organization is comprised of two Seniors acting as Co-Presidents at Wayne State University: AbdulRahman Harris, and Alice Santana. We are looking to expand our team to as many devoted members as possible in the upcoming semester(s).

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

Being a new start up Org we have not had the ability to branch into such fields as of yet. But we will begin our semester with a bang by inviting professors, deans and students to give important information to minority students who strive to become leaders in all realms of society.

Contact information: AbdulRahman Harris: email - fo1091@wayne.edu.

Social media: mlt_wsu (instagram); Minority Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) (twitter)

Roosevelt @ WSU

Inspired by the legacy of Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32 President of the United States, the Roosevelt network spans nearly 150 college campuses in 40 states across the country and trains young people in research, policy writing, and advocacy. Roosevelt believes that it matters who writes the rules for our communities and helps young people get involved in the policy process to, in the long-term, transform government to be reflective and responsive to the people it serves. We advance a policy agenda that seeks to combat the intrusion of corporate power into public goods and looks to strengthen democratic control of key public goods like water, transit, education, and healthcare. Our Executive model for the Wayne State chapter consists of five members to make up our governing board. Together we will focus on advocacy and policy reform while getting young adults familiar with the process.

What makes your organization stand out?

We demonstrate the highest level of integrity and excellence while collaborating with all people to promote a quality campus. We believe strongly in diversity and inclusion as we advocate for the collaboration of people of all colors and genders, together we focus on advocacy and policy reform while getting young adults familiar with the political process.

Leadership: DeAndra Morris Deondre Morris and Mercedes Parker

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

We have hosted numerous feed the homeless drives, we studied, rewrote, and lobbied for the Michigan no-fault insurance law which was introduced as a bill 1 and signed by Governor Whitmer. This organization flys young people around the country and awakes the activist in all of them.

Contact information: dmorris@rooseveltnetwork.org

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/Rooseveltatwaynestate/

She's the First

We are a non-profit organization that sponsors girls' education in low income countries. Our vision is to create a future of gender equality by providing girls who will be first-generation high school students with the funds needed to reach graduation.

What makes your organization stand out?

Members of our organization are able to become global leaders through STF's Global Awareness Program (GAP) in which students can be taught perspective and analysis of international events and issues. Members are encouraged to raise awareness on issues that are long overdue for discussion: gender equality, women's education, and women empowerment.

Leadership: Sabrina Nehmeh, Manal Alzubaidy, Hiba Abbas, Nadia Khan, Aalia Siddiqui, Yasmeen Khan

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

We are a new organization this semester; however, we plan on having different events to raise money as well as raise awareness for girls' education in low-income countries such as annual charity galas, "bake-a-change" bake sales, and opportunities to engage in the Global Awareness Program.

Contact information: gg8214@wayne.edu

Social media: instagram: @stf_wsu

Iraqi American Student Union

Description: Cultural organization showcasing Iraqi tradition and history.

What makes your organization stand out?

The one and only Iraqi-based student organization.

Leadership: Mohamed Alemara, Mariam Alkudari, Safa Khalil, Manal Alzubaidy.

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

This is our first year, but we are planning on having a field day in September as well as several bake sales during the semester. We also plan on having numerous volunteer opportunities.

Contact information: gh7516@wayne.edu

Social media: Instagram: iasu_wsu

Wayne State Boarding Club

Description: Our goal is to unite people with similar interests in boarding. This includes skateboarding, longboarding, and everything in between. We want to bring the skating/boarding community at Wayne State University together to spread skating knowledge and create friendships.

What makes your organization stand out?

Our organization stands out in it's comradery. Our group takes trips Downtown together, and we teach each other new tricks. Our organization is even for people that just want to learn to board, as our group is about cohesive learning.

Leadership: John Karns as President and Emily Ciokajlo as Co-President

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

We are an upstart organization, our organization will be what we make of it!

Contact information: John Karns: gh4447@wayne.edu or Emily Ciokajlo: ga0156@wayne.edu

Social media: We predominantly use WhatsApp to communicate. Email us to join the chat!

One World Medical Mission (OWMM)

Description: We are a student org that works directly with the nonprofit organization OWMM, founded by Nidhal Garmo, PharmD. one world medical mission logoOWMM is an organization developed to help those who are in need of medical attention due to war, but can't afford to live, as well as people in poverty in general. Overall, we would like to collect (or help raise money to collect) medical, dental, diagnostic, and lab supplies and equipment for our trips to war-affected countries.

What makes your organization stand out?

We are determined to help out those who are underprivileged. If we have the power to make someone's life better, then we should do all we can to make sure that happens.

Leadership: Faris Alkhouri and Stephanie Kasgorgis - Co-Presidents Philip Alkhouri - Secretary Crystal Boji - Treasurer

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

For over a decade, we have sponsored and facilitated many missions to provide much-needed medications, medical equipment, supplies, clothing, healthcare, hygiene, and disease prevention education.

Contact information: Email: owmmwsu@gmail.com

Social media: Instagram: owmmwsu / Snapchat: owmmwsu


Description: TEDxWayneStateU is a licensed and localized version of TED that aims to provide a platform for the Wayne State University community to converse about relevant or innovative topics. We hold one conference every school year which features student, faculty, and alumni speakers from varying disciplines. Our main goals are to enrich the Wayne State University campus through conversation, and bring forth new ways of thinking.

What makes your organization stand out?

Having such a large platform, (our talks are uploaded on the TEDx Talks YouTube Channel), we are unlike other organizations in terms of how far our outreach goes. A single viral video of one of our speakers has the potential to reach millions, which is a privilege and responsibility we do not take lightly. TEDxWayneStateU is dedicated to providing a way of having productive conversations in today's polarized society through our annual conferences.


  • Executive Director: Haley Seymour
  • Director of Curation: Hope Crocker
  • Student Curator: Tanyeem Shaik
  • Alumni Curator: Zach Lohrmann
  • Faculty Curator: Amruth Atyam
  • Communications Director: Anika Taufiq
  • Website Manager: Bram Lesko
  • Budgeting Managers: Elaine Saijan, Gurleen Sandhu
  • Social Media Coordinator: Palak Patel
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Eman Naga
  • Design Manager: Ashley Daniels

What events, community service, conferences talks, etc have you organized?

TEDxWayneStateU has held four annual conferences in which we feature Wayne State University students, faculty, and alumni.

Contact information: Email: Haley Seymour, gg6786@wayne.edu, 7343532244,

Social media: Twitter/Instagram: @tedxwaynestateu Facebook: TEDxWayneStateU