Kaylani Benson Occupational Therapy, 2020
Since I started at WSU in 2014, I gained a greater appreciation for my city. I have attended schools in Detroit since daycare, but never anywhere far from my home on the west side of the city. Being in midtown in such an incredible experience.
Elizabeth Kurkowski Biological Sciences Major and Business Minor, 2019
The honors program has definitely taken advantage of this truly unique city and has shaped the program around it, thus leading to a program that is enriched with the aspects that not only define Detroit, but that define every single person in the Honors College.
Nushrat Rahman English Honors, 2018
Honors encourages students to take that extra step forward in enriching their college experience. I feel as though Honors prepares students to be self-motivated learners who find education inside and outside of the classroom.
Jason Potter Pre-Nursing and 2019
Honors has given me a greater sense of community and has made me love my city of Detroit and try to showcase what Detroit has to offer to everyone I meet.
Sangini Tolia Majoring in Nutrition & Food Science, Minoring in Business Administration, 2018
I have lived in Honors campus housing since I was a freshman. This has definitely been the highlight of my Honors experience because I met so many new friends through the living community.
Raghav Talreja Biomedical Engineering, 2019
The honors college at Wayne State University, closes aligns with my personal goals and ideology of what it means to be an involved and successful leader on campus. As a freshman, I am very much involved in the community primarily through service.
Connor Tukel MedStart - Near Eastern Languages with a Concentration in Hebrew (Pre-Med), 2019
Honors at Wayne State is unique because of the environment in which the school resides. Living and learning in a socioeconomically diverse, urban setting like Detroit provides for a one-of-a-kind collegiate experience, the likes of which are unmatched by any other institution in the nation.
Evan Hansinger Political Science, 2018
Through honors I have been encouraged to be a better student and person all around. This encouragement has helped me develop skills that have brought me college success and also will likely bring me future success.
Ashton Lewandowski Biomedical Physics, 2019
It has helped me to branch away and learn about a wider area of science than I was previously used to. This has helped me to tie my lessons together from multiple different courses because I have a strong background in Physics and Biology.
Elyssa Mathy Bachelor of Arts with a dual major in Theatre and Psychology, 2019
The Honors program has really encouraged me to focus on building communities. I was able to obtain a position last year as the peer mentor for the CFPCA's living learning community. There I helped to build a safe and fun community for CFPCA students.
Yvonne Tirakian, Sociology Pre-Med, 2020
Honors and WSU has given me insights into the social and political world (especially in Detroit) that I would not have gotten elsewhere. I have learned a great deal and feel more connected to the culture of our city and its history.
Sarosh Irani, Public Health & Public Affairs, 2020
Honors has helped me diversify my interests and really pursue my goals as a Warrior. It's taught me more about the City of Detroit and motivated me to help its people through service.
Kavya Davuluri Psychology, 2019
Without Honors, I don't believe that I would have the determination or support that I have used to push forth with my engagements around campus and Detroit. Thanks to the aspect of community and service, I have been able to give back and have even empowered others to play a role in revitalizing our city, all while creating a community of innovators and mentors.
Abdul Harris Psychology, 2018
Honors has helped me realize my potential by asking questions in realms such as community as well as service.
Rachel Backer Honors Finance and Political Science, 2020
I was a transfer student to WSU and to the Honors College and so I was slightly nervous starting at my new school. Honors made it comforting and easy to transition here.