• Kaylani Benson - Occupational Therapy, 2020

    Since I started at WSU in 2014, I gained a greater appreciation for my city. I have attended schools in Detroit since daycare, but never anywhere far from my home on the west side of the city. Being in midtown in such an incredible experience.
  • Yvonne Tirakian, - Sociology Pre-Med, 2020

    Honors and WSU has given me insights into the social and political world (especially in Detroit) that I would not have gotten elsewhere. I have learned a great deal and feel more connected to the culture of our city and its history.
  • Sarosh Irani, - Public Health & Public Affairs, 2020

    Honors has helped me diversify my interests and really pursue my goals as a Warrior. It's taught me more about the City of Detroit and motivated me to help its people through service.
  • Rachael Backer - Honors Finance and Political Science, 2020

    I was a transfer student to WSU and to the Honors College and so I was slightly nervous starting at my new school. Honors made it comforting and easy to transition here.
  • Kamali Clora - Public Health, 2021

    WSU Honors fosters social learning environments where all students can succeed. Not only do I gain knowledge academically but accumulate valuable life experiences and memories of interacting with people, implementing change, and positively impacting my communities.
  • Kelsey Ramus - Biology, 2020

    Being a biology major has opened my eyes to the multitude of opportunities there are in the biological field. From my courses I have found a love for anatomy and physiology of the body.
  • Adrianna Waack - Finance and Global Supply Chain, 2021

    I participated in the Detroit Fellows tutoring program, which allowed me to volunteer teaching first graders how to read at an elementary school just five minutes away from campus! It is an experience I will never forget, and I am grateful for the impact I had on the kids, as well as the impact they had on me.
  • Brendan Johnson - Finance, Spring 2020

    The city class really taught me how important it is to understand the history of the place you’re in and the history of something you’re trying to change.
  • Austin Shepherd - Marketing Management, Winter 2020

    The ability to so quickly connect the things you learn and the people you meet into the city of Detroit and the things you’re doing. A big reason of joining Honors is to separate yourself and in a city that is big enough to matter to the world, yet small enough to matter in it. This is a huge upper hand in a positively volatile environment.
  • Samantha Strachan - Learning Design & Technology, 2019

    I feel Honors has helped to give me the necessary writing skills needed for my career. I also believe Honors has given me more experience working with my peers and how to effectively communicate with others.
  • Shreya Desai - Neuroscience and Honors Co-Major, 2022

    I would advise current Honors students to stay very open-minded. I encourage you to attend different workshops, organization events, or social happenings even if you have a hint of interest. You never know what new subjects or hobbies you will become passionate about and you will never find them if you remain close-minded.
  • Majd Victor - Biological Sciences, 2027

    Honors has prepared me for my accomplishments by challenging me to change my perspective about the world and Detroit specifically. Honors definitely influences me to consider the deeper implications of what I say and of what I think about the world.