HON 4998 - Senior thesis

An honors college thesis is the crowning achievement of a student's hard work. For many, a Honors thesis is the culmination of many years of study within a particular major or field; it is the result of a lengthy thinking process.

In your Senior year, view the thesis as the final component, or last opportunity that you have to show off what you have learned and internalized. 

Generally speaking, a thesis should challenge an intellectual question in a persuasive manner, inciting thought-provoking discussion or argument in readers. College theses are mostly just extended academic essays, although it is important to include all of the elements that are expected in a well-developed college thesis.  All students requesting a block lift must complete this online form.

With the HON 4998 course, you can choose your thesis to be an independent research paper/project, a literature review, or a creative project with the guidance of a full-time faculty member of your choosing. It can be taken for 3-6 credits where a 3-credit thesis paper is at least 20 pages of content. 

Please review for more information, Questions about HON 4998 (What is Honors Thesis) and the 3 Point Process Roadmap.