What is Departmental Honors?

All students who are invited to join the Honors College will be eligible to complete our Departmental Honors program. Students pursuing Departmental Honors earn honors credits within their major field of study, completing anywhere between 12-24 credits. Credits earned completing departmental honors requirements satisfy both major requirements and Honors College requirements for completion of Departmental Honors. In addition to taking honors sections of courses already needed for degree completion, students will need to complete an Honors 42XX seminar and a thesis course.  

Students will be given the opportunity to work closely with top faculty members in their chosen fields who will challenge them academically while striving to make an impact on local and global communities. These faculty aren't just knowledgeable about their fields - they are the ones researching, creating, and publishing that knowledge. The relationship students cultivate with faculty members through honors sections or coursework can lead to mentoring for departmental thesis projects or research opportunities.   

Not only will students get access to the top faculty and researchers at Wayne State, but they will also get the same opportunities as our incoming first-year students, including access to Honors staff members, access to Honors advising, private scholarship opportunities and early class registration. 

Please review our Honors Guide (PDF) for transfer and earn-in students.  

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Honors College at 313-577-3030 or email honors@wayne.edu.