Stephanie Bundy

Stephanie Bundy

Assistant Professor of Teaching

 2527 David Adamany UGL


Stephanie Bundy


 Stephanie Bundy received her Ed.D. in Education Technology and Leadership from Morehead State University and her M.A. in English Literature from University of Arkansas. Her dissertation focused on videogame design for classrooms in which she developed and designed a demo RPG videogame as well as walkthroughs for teachers to build their own. She published a chapter on narrative space in videogames titled “Seeking the Exotic: Orientalist Agency in Today’s Videogame Narratives.” She was a tenured instructor of English and Humanities at Northern Oklahoma College for 13 years before recently relocating to Michigan. Her research interests focus on media studies, postmodernism, immersive and experiential learning, and study abroad. She has personally led study abroad programs in Ireland, England, and Western Europe.

Courses taught by Stephanie Bundy

Winter Term 2024 (current)

Fall Term 2023

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