Aaron Martin

Aaron Martin

Associate Professor of Teaching


Aaron Martin


Aaron Martin is Associate Professor of Teaching in the Irvin D. Reid Honors College at Wayne State University. In addition to teaching the Honors sequence of foundational courses, he created and leads an interdisciplinary research program where he and his student co-authors have begun publishing regularly, including most recently the chapter “The Cultural Production of Commodifying Under-resourced Bodies” in the volume Narrative Art and the Politics of Health (Anthem Press, 2021). Having gotten nearly two dozen undergraduate students co-authorships in scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences, Aaron is currently moving a number of manuscripts through the publication process. He is also the faculty mentor of multiple Honors senior theses as well as serves on the University’s 2N Committee on Promotion Factors for Teaching Faculty. Aaron’s commitment to his students, both in the classroom and in research, has earned him various recognitions throughout the university, including a 2020 Wayne State University President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Office hours for Fall 2023: Thursday 10:15-11:15am in 2516 UGL and Friday 10:15-11:15am over Zoom (link is posted to my sections' Canvas)


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