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Welcome to the Honors College

The Irvin D. Reid Honors College is city-based and service-oriented; we promote excellence and challenge our students to engage the world around them as problem-solvers and leaders. Our curriculum requires that students inform themselves about what it means to be citizens, of this city, this country, the world; we give our students tools, tools to be catalysts for innovation and improvement, and the skills necessary to create powerful solutions. The women and men who are students here — with the generous support and guidance of faculty, staff, friends and alumni — are inventing our shared future.

Mission Statement: The Honors College provides Wayne State University's highest achieving undergraduate students the opportunity to become members of an engaged and dynamic academic community through a curriculum that is challenging, innovative and interdisciplinary. Honors courses enrich undergraduate education, providing a unique set of experiences that integrate our four defining pillars: community engagement, service-learning, undergraduate research and career exploration.

Nushrat Rahman - Honors Student Ambassador

Hi! My name is Nushrat Rahman, and I’m currently a sophomore here at Wayne State University. After perusing the many degrees offered by WSU, I finally decided on majoring in English with a minor in Art. During my time as a first year Honors College student, I saw my worldview broaden dramatically because I was able to engage with an incredibly diverse group of peers. My critical thinking skills were put to the test and the first year experience exposed me to many different forms of higher education (e.g. experiential, seminar, lecture). The Honors Program helped (and continues to help me) become an active and engaged learner, and I hope it will do the same for the incoming freshmen! Overall, it was a truly transformative experience.  

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Honors Freshmen Day of Service
September 9 2016 at 1:00 PM
Keys Common
In spirit of the first two pillars of Honors – Community and Service - The Honors College has teamed up with two local schools to provide school uniforms for its students. Clothes will be collected during a picnic on Friday, September 9 from 1-3:30 p.m. in the Memorial Commons area, where there will be food, games, and music. Clothes will be boxed up to be delivered following the conclusion of the event. Deadline to RSVP is Friday, September 2. You do not have to attend the event in order to donate clothing as boxes will be available at the front desk of the Honors College beginning Tuesday, September 6. See the chart below to see which piece of clothing has been designated for each HON 1000 section.   Freshmen Day of Service Chart   Child S Child M Child L Child XL Adult S Adult M Adult L Navy Shirts (Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve) 504 (T) 507 (T) 519 (T) 524 (T) 501 (T) 513 (T) 502 (W) Khaki pants 505 (W) 508 (W) 521 (W) 511 (W) 514 (W) 518 (W) 503 (TH) Navy pants 506 (TH) 517 (TH) 522 (TH) 510 (TH)  512 (TH) 515 (TH) 523 (TH) Undershirts and Socks 520 (F) 516 (F) 525 (F)           For more information, please contact the Honors College front desk at 313.577.3030 or email fh5000@wayne.edu.
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