Abdul Harris Psychology, 2018

Abdul Harris <i>Psychology, 2018</i>

Your name, major and prospective year of graduation

Abdul Harris, Psychology, 2019

What are you involved in that you would like featured in Honors publications/website?

Student Senate

How has Honors prepared you for your accomplishments? Remember the four pillars: community, service, research and career.

Honors has helped me realize my potential by asking questions in realms such as community as well as service. By acknowledging a problem, I am able to ask the right questions to lead me to the answers via individuals of power, students on campus, and members of the community at large.

What makes Honors at WSU unique?

What makes honors so unique at WSU is the way the classes engage the student to become an active participant in their surroundings, rather than just read a textbook/research articles. By forcing us to engage with others/the environment we are exposed to, it allows us to better mold into any situation we may find ourselves in in the future.

What's your most memorable experience in Honors?

PS 1010 with Dr. KDK! Greatest experience was finding out just how valuable contacting people to solve a problem can be. We must first act to get what we want!

What class or professor has shaped you the most and how?

Dr. Natalia Turchyn. Her teaching skills, and ability to captivate her students to fall in love with biology is one that deserves endless applause. She allowed me to grasp onto a subject that has so many possibilities of impact on the greater society I wish to influence one day through the realm of medicine.