Elizabeth Kurkowski Biological Sciences Major and Business Minor, 2019

Elizabeth Kurkowski <i>Biological Sciences Major and Business Minor, 2019</i>

Your name, major and year of graduation

Elizabeth Kurkowski, Biological Sciences Major and Business Minor, 2019

What are you involved in at Wayne State?

I am involved with NSCS, I'm on the International Deans List Society, I am involved with theatre at Meadow Brook Theatre, and I volunteer with the Motor City Blight Busters to renovate homes in Detroit.

How has Honors prepared you for your accomplishments?

It has helped me gain a better, well-rounded, and empathetic view of the world we live in, Detroit, and Wayne State University. Through volunteering and a focus on success, I've learned the importance of hard work and engagement. I've learned to push myself and think outside my ordinary limits in order to accomplish my goals.

How has your major shaped your career path?

When I first came to Wayne State, I was a biology major, and that hasn't changed. But throughout my first year at Wayne, I've learned more about being a biology major, what that entails, what careers it could lead me to, and how it will define my life in the future. I had no idea what I wanted to do before coming to Wayne; all I knew was that I wanted to work in the healthcare field. I now know the career I am striving for, and through the aspects that come with being a biology major, I set the goals I want to achieve.

What makes Honors at WSU unique?

Wayne State is in the heart of one of the most developing, and soon to be thriving cities in the country. The honors program at Wayne has definitely taken advantage of this truly unique city and has shaped the program around it, thus leading to a program that is enriched with the aspects that not only define Detroit, but that define every single person in the honors college at Wayne State. No other university has access to Detroit and what it offers the way Wayne State does, making the honors program truly beneficial in understanding the city that is necessary for development and success.

What class or professor has shaped you the most and how?

Dr. William Branford in the class BIO 1500 has shaped me the most because it taught me that success is not defined by a grade. According to most people, the class is challenging. It deals with plant and animal anatomy and life diversity. I usually don't pay much attention to what other people say about a certain class or teacher because I prefer to develop opinions on my own, but the class was definitely challenging, more so than any other class I've taken. And I learned throughout my experiences in the class, that even though I may receive a grade that isn't an A either on a test or as a final grade, that does not mean that I'm not successful, because success cannot be measured by a grade. I learned so much throughout the class, knowledge that I can apply to my future career in healthcare, and that is what makes me successful. I think that in college more than anywhere else is where you learn that YOU define your own success and you define your own learning, your own knowledge, your own sadness, happiness, etc. And through Dr. Branford and BIO 1500, I have learned that I am successful not because I received an A as a grade, but because I'm working hard, I'm making it though life, and I'm not letting others put limits on my success.