Samaah Abboud <i>Health Science major, 2016</i>

Samaah Abboud Health Science major, 2016

Samaah Abboud Health Science major, 2016

Your name, major and year of graduation

Samaah Abboud, Health Science major and 2016

What are you involved in during your time at Wayne State?

I am involved in the Pi Theta Epsilon Honor Society. I am also a volunteer for the American Red Cross and Zaman International.

How has Honors prepared you for your accomplishments?

Honors has prepared me for my accomplishments through all of its four pillars. I always valued the idea of community and service, but Honors allowed me to experience new opportunities in the Detroit area that I may not have known about. Honors allowed me to learn about the rich history of Detroit, and become an active member of the city through volunteer services and community outreach programs. My research with Professor Esquivel allowed me to understand more about my future career as an Occupational Therapist, and opened up avenues of learning how to become a critical thinker through analyzing and dissecting various sources. Honors allowed me to realize my strengths and push myself to be the best person I could be, not for myself, but for the community and its members.

What's your most memorable experience in Honors?

My most memorable experience in Honors was the tour we took around Detroit. We got to experience the culture and learn the rich history behind various magnificent buildings and monuments. It was especially enlightening when we took a tour through the Heidelberg Project, which was something I was never aware of, drawing me into the positive power of art and creativity.

What class or professor has shaped you the most and how?

HON 4990 has shaped me the most. It was the service learning course, and I was part of KALES ACT Prep, where I was given the responsibility of tutoring ten students from different Detroit Public Schools. These students challenged me and opened up my eyes to thoughts and ideas I was unaware of. They enriched me with their culture and humor, and made me realize how much I enjoyed working with diverse groups of people. As I supported and encouraged them, they supported and encouraged me. Even though it was only one semester, one day a week, my students became family to me, and I looked forward to being there for them, and being that person that helped them towards the betterment of their future. Overall, this course humbled me and affirmed my interest in supporting and caring for others, which are vital factors for my future role as an Occupational Therapist.

How has your perception of Detroit changed since attending WSU?

Since attending WSU, my perception of Detroit has not changed dramatically. I am an optimistic person and I always find the good in things, so when I first started at WSU, I did not have a negative view about Detroit. I did not let the news or the discussions of others sway me from learning about the great city that is nearly 20 miles from my hometown. Detroit has a rich history of art, music, community, sports, and more, and being able to be in the heart of it all made me appreciate it even more. I have enjoyed the diversity, the culture, the atmosphere, the people, and the educational experience. Detroit is a powerful city and has great potential for many things, and it has been a privilege being a student at WSU and experiencing all that the city has to offer.

150 years in the heart of Detroit