Service-learning proposals

Service-learning prepares students for productive lives in a diverse urban and global environment by involving students in community-based education and civic engagement.

The Service-Learning Honors Option Form seeks to add a service-learning component to a class through Honors Option (2000-level or above). Use the Service-Learning Proposal to propose an Honors Option with at least 25 hours of community service plus a reflective assignment connecting the service to the academic content of the class. The student is responsible for coordinating all of the criteria for a service-learning class and the additional Honors assignment for Honors Option.  

Tips for proposing a service-learning project

1. Make sure that the service-learning project is directly linked to the learning outcomes of the course being used. Make sure to state this connection clearly in your proposal  

2. Be specific in your proposal about the academic component of your project. If you are writing a paper, please state how many pages it is going to be. If you are doing a presentation, please state what it is on, who it is for, and how long it is going to be.  

3. Getting all of the details set with your student can take some time, so start this conversation at the beginning of the semester so that you can turn in your paperwork by the due date.  

4. If you have any questions, please contact and an Honors Academic Advisor will be able to assist.