Honors option proposals

A Honors option allows Honors College students in good standing (3.30 cumulative GPA or better) to earn Honors credit for any undergraduate class at the 2000-level or above. The course and additional Honors coursework must be taught by a full-time faculty member (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Senior Lecturer or Lecturer as listed in the WSU Directories on www.wayne.edu) or part-time faculty (depending on departmental policies) with the co-signature of the Department Chair on the form.  

Additional Honors coursework  

The additional assignment or project must be documented with the Honors Option Form and supporting materials by the due date on the form. The Honors coursework should be separate from the regular class assignments and should not be factored into the final grade for the course. No extra credit is assessed or earned. It is important that the Honors student be able to articulate the additional work required and how that coursework enhances the class above and beyond the requirements in the course syllabus. Only one Honors Option per course is permitted.  

Examples of previously approved Honors coursework includes:  

  • Significant (10% or more) additional homework problems related to the class material  

  • 10-page research paper  

  • Additional reading material with a paper or paper plus oral presentation  

  • Creative projects such as additional music composition or art piece