Honors 42xx course proposals

The HON 42xx seminar is a required course for all Honors tracks: University Honors and every Departmental Honors track.  These are Junior-Senior seminars intended for students who are at least into their third year of study.  These courses examine a specific topic through multiple disciplinary lenses, offering a broader and deeper understanding of the subject matter.

The Course Selection and Scheduling Committee will review all submitted proposals and will select courses to be offered in each given semester.  Please see the process for submitting a proposal below.

HON 42xx Proposal form (PDF)

How to submit a proposal to teach a HON 42xx course:

  1. Interested faculty must submit a completed proposal form in order to be considered to teach a HON 42xx seminar.  
  2. If faculty have questions on how best to fill out the proposal or what should be included, please contact Rachel Pawlowski at fg6313@wayne.edu
  3. Completed proposals must be submitted to Annette Wojik at de4137@wayne.edu  
    1. Winter proposals must be submitted by October 1.
    2. Fall proposals must be submitted by February 15.
  4. Proposals will be reviewed by the Course Selection and Scheduling Committee. Selections may be based on student need, volume proposal submissions in an area of study, completeness of the proposal, or the degree to which a proposal is interdisciplinary.
  5. A denied proposal may be revised and resubmitted for a subsequent semester.