e-Portfolio Content

Students taking the freshman Honors courses HON 1000 and PS1010 will be required to create an e-Portfolio and upload assignments completed in these classes as part of their grade for the course. In addition, we encourage students to continue adding content to their e-Portfolio beyond their freshman year.

What to include in your e-Portfolio?

Use these general guidelines below while designing and setting up your portfolio. Additionally, follow instructions from course instructors regarding the course specific assignments to include within your portfolio.

Include your name, contact email, background, current resume, career summary, courses taken, writing samples, creative/innovative products designed, community engagements/service, volunteer projects, extra-curricular activities and projects. DO NOT include any sensitive private information like your SSN etc. Always be creative in designing your e-portfolio.

Write reflective narratives for your evidences and pages. For example, for your background /about-me page, your reflection narrative should be answers to questions like:

Who are you as a scholar in your discipline? How did you become the person you are today? What is important to you? What opportunities have you had? What do you value? What choices have you made and why? What are you interested in and why? What do you plan to pursue in the future and how? What surprised you as you are working towards your professional/educational goals?

Below are some suggestions for additional materials students can add to their portfolio:

  • upload assignments from other courses
  • upload your resume
  • upload Honors Cultural Passport assignments and photos
  • create a summary for each of your courses that details what you learned and accomplished as a result of the course
  • complete and upload optional reflective exercises

See examples of student work

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