What is an academic or a professional e-portfolio?

An e-Portfolio is a selected set of online, reflective and creative documents that provide evidence of your learning and growth as a scholar in your discipline. It is your own website that showcases your accomplishments, activities, and community engagement; and provides a holistic picture of you across all aspects of your academic life, as an individual and as a professional. For a 21st Century student, e-Portfolio is an extension of your resume that provides future employers with a complete portrait of your learning and academic training towards your future goals. E-Portfolios need to be revised from time to time to portray your current scholarly and professional accomplishments. E-Portfolios are excellent means to create online/virtual presence for an individual as a tech-savvy, active creator of content. See examples of student work.

Why would I create an e-Portfolio?

  • To create an online web presence as an active learner, scholar, researcher and a professional
  • To model reflective practice
  • To demonstrate your growth as a scholar, and ability to reflect and learn from experiences; reflect on strengths and identify areas of improvements and move towards long term future goals.
  • To provide a holistic picture of you as an individual to demonstrate academic achievement, creativity, activities of interest and future goals
  • To include diverse media types within an e-Portfolio to display your creativity
  • To demonstrate a potential 21st Century employer that you are technologically competent

How would I develop an e-Portfolio?

  • Collect documents that represent your abilities, creativity, innovation and accomplishments and portray the best work you have produced as a scholar
  • Select from the collected documents works that best represent your scholarly abilities and demonstrate expected competencies
  • Reflect on your growth, development and progress towards your long term goals
  • Collaborate with peers, faculty and advisor for constructive feedback on the quality of your portfolio design and content

OK, so how do we go forward?

Creating an e-Portfolio will allow you to keep an easily accessible record of your academic progress and achievements throughout your time at Wayne State. My Portfolios is a web page within Blackboard where students can create and store basic e-Portfolios. Students can add files, text, photos, sound, videos, and links to their portfolio, then share their e-Portfolio with their instructors, courses, peers, or advisors through Blackboard.

All Honors students will now have the opportunity to create an e-Portfolio during their freshman year and upload various assignments to the e-Portfolio as they proceed through their academic career. Students are no longer mandated to use the Blackboard as the platform for e-Portfolio and may use any available web-based platforms of their choice. Some suggested free web-based platforms include:

  GoogleSites Logo    WordPress Logo

Should you select any other free or paid platform for your e-Portfolio, check that it includes these features, before investing your time and effort:

  • Ability to create a unique url
  • Allow uploading and downloading of files
  • Allow users to incorporate Web 2.0 tools (web generated content like YouTube videos, Prezi, Slideshare etc.)
  • Offer opportunity for viewers to provide feedback
  • Allow users to download an archived version of their website
  • Check reviews of users from user blogs and review forums for stability and security of the platform. You will not want the platform to crash or be down every week or so. 

For assistance, contact WSU's C&IT Help Desk by phone at (313) 577-4778 or by email at helpdesk@wayne.edu.