Frequently Asked Questions

How does Honors work?

Out of the 120-credit minimum required to graduate, some classes will be designated as Honors. Honors classes are noted on your transcript, and when you graduate with Honors it is also noted on your diploma.

Honors classes are generally smaller in size and taught by full-time faculty. To graduate with University Honors, you must complete at least 36 credits, which on average is one or two classes per term. Most students take three or four classes each semester. Honors students are encouraged to take advantage of Honors sections of general education courses as part of their 36 credits.

HON 1000 and PS 1010 are worth a total of seven (7) credits towards graduating with University Honors, and the Honors seninar and thesis generally equal another six (6) credits. You will also be expected to participate in at least one service-learning course (HON 3000) for a minimum of three (3) credits.

University Honors

University Honors is reserved for students who are invited into the Honors College as incoming freshmen.

College and Departmental Honors

Many departments have Honors tracks within their majors. Check the Undergraduate Bulletin or ask your department for details. For most college Departmental Honors, you need to complete a minimum of 12 credits in Honors courses, which includes at least one Honors seminar and thesis (minimum of 20 pages) with a full-time faculty member from your department. 

What are Honors courses?

Honors courses are designated in three different ways:

Special sections of a course
Some sections of a class, such as P S 1010, are marked Honors and sometimes earn additional credits for Honors students.
Honors option
Courses 2000-level or above that are taught by full-time faculty may be enhanced and count as Honors credit.
Honors courses
These have a subject area code of HON. Examples include HON 4998, Honors Thesis, HON 4990, Directed Study and Honors seminars, (HON 42XX).

As you look up classes for registration on the online Schedule of Classes, you will see Honors classes noted as "Open to Honors students," or "Must have a 3.30 GPA." The word Honors is generally in the title and the three-digit section number starts with a 5 (e.g., 500, 501, etc.).

As an Honors student, you will have access to most Honors classes. If you try to register for an Honors class and receive an error message, send an e-mail with your name, WSU ID, and the five-digit course reference number (CRN) to and your request will be considered or you will be referred to the department offering the class. 

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