Honors Faculty and Staff

Alaa Khalaf Al-Makhzoomy
Instructional Technology Designer
Antonio Austin
Manager Community of Scholars
Mary Barden, J.D.
Development Officer
Kevin Deegan-Krause
Honors Political Science 1010 professor
Kamahra Ewing, Ph. D.
Honors Senior Lecturer
Anna-Maria Flores
Manager, Community Engagement@Wayne
Beth Fowler, Ph.D.
Honors Senior Lecturer
D. Carl Freeman
Senior faculty advisor, Honors and Professor of biological sciences
Aundra Freeman
Academic Adviser
Jerry Herron, Ph. D.
Dean of the Honors College and Professor of English
Aaron Martin, Ph.D.
Honors Senior Lecturer
Stuart May
Associate Director, Business Affairs
Tim Moran, Ph. D.
Honors Senior Lecturer
Erik Mortenson, Ph. D.
Honors Senior Lecturer
Drew Moser
Honors College Coordinator
Angel Niederkohr
Academic Adviser
Rachel Pawlowski
Academic Adviser
Kevin Piotrowski
Senior Communications Officer
Kevin Rashid
Academic Services Officer
Larry Rowley, Ph. D.
Honors Senior Lecturer
Ali Salamey
Academic Service Officer

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