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Student Spotlight Q & A with Dalia Ibrahim

Your name, major and prospective year of graduation

Dalia Ibrahim, Political Science & Peace and Conflict Studies, 2019

What are you involved in at Wayne State University? 

I am the Treasurer and Honors College Representative on Student Senate. I sit on several different boards including, SAFB, Daycare Committee, and Women's Services (which aims to create a Women's Resource Center on campus). I also started the club WSU Help the Homeless which looks to alleviate the symptoms of homelessness through seasonal care packages.

How has Honors prepared you for your accomplishments? 

Honors provided me the foundation to which I have been able to build and learn from. In Hon1000, we were introduced to the history and community of Detroit which paved the path to being able to grasp what needed change. In our second semester PS1010 we were able to further dissect the problem and explore solutions. This is where I began to take notice of the systematic problem of Homelessness and, with a few classmates, decided that although we may not be able to single handedly eradicate homelessness, we can help be a part of the solution. What's your most memorable experience in Honors?

How has your major shaped your career path?

I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer but for the longest time I was unsure of what type of law I'd like to go into. Through Wayne State's Political Science program, I feel as though I have been exposed to the reality of the world (international laws and affairs). It was early my freshmen year, after taking world politics, that I decided I want to be a human rights lawyer. The more classes I take, the more I am sure that this is truly what I want/need to be doing.

What makes Honors at WSU unique?

I think the Honors program at WSU is unique because it provides so much room for growth. It's not a cut and dry curriculum that demands a specific result but rather it's a track that sets a strong foundation and then allows the individual to create/explore their own path. Tell us about your experience with an internship, service or a research project.

What class or professor has shaped you the most and how?

Kevin Deegan-Krause has been one of the most influential figures in my academic career thus far. Besides being one of the smartest people I have ever met, he is also an incredible teacher who really cares about his students and their well being. He has helped me become a better writer, better listener and in many ways, a better person.