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Research@Honors Announcements

Several Honors students' research projects chosen to receive Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Awards

Congratulations to all undergraduate researchers selected to receive the Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects award for the Winter 2016, Spring/Summer 2016, Witner 2017, Spring/Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 semesters.

The complete Award Announcements from UROP:

Spring/Summer - Fall 2017 semesters

Winter - Spring/Summer 2017 semesters

Winter - Spring/Summer 2016 semesters

The award funding will help these students to complete faculty-mentored research and creative projects and gain valuable experience in the process. We wish you all the best of luck in your research and creative pursuits!

Research Courses and Opportunities

Check out our list of research-related coursework to help you plan your schedule for next semester

Research@Honors is collecting information from departments around campus about research-related coursework available to undergraduates. If you are interested in a particular research method or want to participate in a class that offers hands-on research experience, browse the list for options that appeal to you or talk to your department advisor about other research-related course options. To view the list of Research Courses, click this link. To view a list of Research Opportunities click here.

Need assistance with library research? Visit our Honors Librarian during open office hours!

Contact our Honors Librarian, Judith Arnold for your research projects. Call Judith Arnold for an appointment at 313-577-8368 or email: judith.arnold@wayne.edu.

External Resources

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Visit The Student Blog and read this article on Mentorship as the most important undergraduate research experience.

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