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Undergrad researchers celebrated at Capitol for their work

April 5, 2007

A dozen undergraduate researchers, including nine Honors students, were recognized for their efforts during the fourth annual Michigan Undergraduate Research Forum (MURF) at the Capitol in Lansing, and Gov. Jennifer Granholm proclaimed March 28 Undergraduate Research Day.

MURF is a collaboration among Wayne State University, Michigan State University and the three campuses of the University of Michigan. Each campus selects students to make poster presentations to state legislators during the event; this year 58 students took part. The forum enjoyed an increase in participation from state legislators, many of whom visited for the first time. Among those who attended: Speaker of the House Andy Dillon and Rep. Gabe Leland.

MURF showcases a diverse array of research from the physical and life sciences as well as engineering, political science, management studies, education, and sociology. All of the students are mentored by faculty members at their respective universities, and their work is an important contribution to the quality of life and economic vitality of the state.

Wayne State University student presenters and their projects:

Tina Abraham, Honors, biological sciences
Isolation and Characterization of Candida albicans Genes Whose Overexpression Alters Susceptibility to the Sphingolipid Biosynthesis Inhibitor Aureobasidin A.
Faculty mentor: Robert Akins

Mariam Al-Haydari, Honors, chemical engineering
Preparation of Smooth Spherical Hydrophilic Drug particles by Emulsion-diffusion Technique
Faculty mentor: Sandro da Rocha

Divya Barpaga, Honors, biological sciences and
Ira Mulo, Honors, biological sciences
Morphological Analysis of Retinal Ganglion Cells
Faculty mentor: Karen Myhr

Munni Deb,Honors, psychology and
Sheena Joychan, Honors, psychology
Mental Health of Childcare Providers: Evaluation of Licensing Standards
Faculty mentor: Rita Casey

Lauren Henrikson, Honors
Free Detroit: Attacking Poverty and Urban Isolation at a Grassroots Level
Faculty mentor: Mark Huston

Carmen Hill, environmental sciences
Evaluating Airborne Mn, Ni and Zn Contamination in the Metro Detroit Area
Faculty mentor: Lawrence Lemke

Jeremy Nycholas, political science
Gray Areas in Metro Detroit
Faculty Mentor: Kevin Deegan-Krause

Tim Smith, nutrition and food science
Rapid Automated Detection of Salmonella Organisms
Faculty mentor: Leora Shelef

Morgan Thompson, Honors, biological sciences
The Role of Mitochondrial Non-Bilayer Phospholipids in the Cellular and Mitochondrial Function of Yeast
Faculty mentor: Miriam Greenberg

Marisol Ybarra, Honors, sociology
A Qualitative Examination of Latinas’ Body Images During Menopause
Faculty mentor: Heather Dillaway