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14 honors students present research at NCUR

April 30, 2015

18 Honors students were selected by Wayne State’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program to present at the 29th Annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research, which was held at Eastern Washington University April 16-18, 2015. While not all were able to attend, the Honors College was well represented with 14 individual presentations at the three-day event.

WSU had 20 student presenters at NCUR. 

“NCUR offers a valuable experience in preparing and presenting our students excellent work in the sciences, humanities, and arts, and further allows our students a place to share and exchange ideas from students across the country,” said Kevin Rashid, the Honors Curriculum Coordinator.

He added that presenting their research, not only at a national conference, but in general, allows students to have a deeper and more enriching understanding of their research.

Rashid, along with Program Associate Minakshi Lahiri, oversee the Research@Honors program.

The 14 students include:

  • Bhavana Tetali: Determination of Tumor Manganese Content Using a Ratiometric and Coloremetric Method
  • Samia Mazumder: 3D In-Vitro Evaluation of BPD as a treatment for Breast Cancer Cells
  • Nathan Vengalil: Effect of Age and MAPK Phosphatase-1 Sclerostin Gene in Bone
  • Peter Dahl: Measurements of protein-mediated bending of a supported lipid bilayer
  • Ashi Arora: Deletion Analysis of Novel Regulatory Gene in Candida albicans that Switches its Target Pathways
  • Tazeen Abbas: The Associations Among Youth-reported Martial Conflict, Daily Mood, and Asthma Symptoms
  • Megha Jagannathan: Neuronal profiles associated with emotional memory encoding in borderline personality disorder patients
  • Nikhil Adapa: Increased Disulfiram Sensitivity in Cadmium-Enriched Prostate Cancer Cells
  • Mukund Mohan: Physician Preception in Predicting Good Neurological Outcomes in Patients Resuscitated from Cardiac Arrest
  • Kashmira Wani: Effects of Recreational Substances and Prescription Medications on the Caloric Content and Fat Levels in Human Breast Milk
  • Raghav Madan: Does Change of Practice of Cord Care Matter in the Dry Cord Care Era?
  • Arooba Javed: Portrayal of female characters in early and current Disney films
  • Roshan Ara Nizamuddin: Investigating Possible Interactions of Sin3A with TrxG and PcG Proteints
  • Taania Girgla: Human Olfactory Mucosal Stem Cells Delivered into The Nose Home to Regions of Damage in the Spinal Cord Injured Rats