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CoS student promoting love, smiles, unity through fundraiser

February 23, 2015

Twenty-year-old Community of Scholars@Wayne student Molly Rott is looking to spread her message of peace and unity across the Wayne State campus one t-shirt at a time.

On Monday, February 23, she began a campaign called Love. Smile. Stand Together to not only honor her father, who passed away unexpectedly in August 2014, but to show support for those who have been victims of hate crimes, violence, and loss.

“It doesn’t matter what your skin color is, what religious affiliation you have, or how much money you make. With love, a smile, and uniting as one to stand together, we can make a difference in making the world a more peaceful place,” she said.

She said she titled her campaign after the three things her father instilled in her when she was younger – love, smiles, and unity. “My dad showed immense love for his family, smiled often, and brought us together during hard times.  I continue to grow and cope with his loss, his message making it a little bit easier every day,” she said. “Ultimately, I want to carry on my dad's spirit and message through love, smiling, and standing together.”

She is hoping that through the sales of t-shirts embroidered with her motto, the message can begin to spread across Wayne State’s campus. The t-shirts cost $19.99 and come in white, royal blue, or purple. They can be ordered by clicking here.

Proceeds from the sales will be donated in her father’s name to a local charity. 

The offer ends on Saturday, February 28.

As part of the Irvin D. Reid Honors College, Community of Scholars@Wayne is a unique and distinct group of students who excel not only academically, but within their community as well. The Community of Scholars has served food to the elderly and homeless, painted schools, and participated in neighborhood clean-ups within the city of Detroit.