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23 Honors students receive 2015 Winter-Spring/Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Project awards

January 15, 2015

Honors students are known for the outstanding academic research, and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program is taking notice.

Of the 37 students who will be offered support for the Winter-Spring/Summer 15 Research and Creative Project awards, 23 were Honors students. The award funding will help students to complete faculty-mentored research and creative projects and gain valuable experience in the process.

Below are the Honors recipients with project titles:

  • Nour Arafat – Combined OCT Image and AB Plaques Image for a more Reliable Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
  • Nicholas Bely – DVD Pickup HeadBased Optical Resolution Photoacoustic Microscopy for High Resolution Mouse Brain Imaging
  • Jessica Goletz – The Developing ParentInfant Relationship Understanding the Effects of Pregnancy Intendedness on Prenatal Parental Bonding
  • Dominic Isopi – Threedimensional Wavelet Fractal OCT Image Compression
  • Danielle Klovski – Officer of the Year: Is it a Numbers Game?
  • Anthony Kostecki – Linguistic Inquiry of Formula 1 Race Car Drivers
  • Ciara Lumaj – Medical Pluralism in Ecuador
  • Hanan Mazeh – Using Functional correctivity with Optical Intrinsic Signal Imaging to Study Parkinson's Disease in the mouse Brain
  • Samia Mazumder – The Effect of Cysteine Protease Inhibitors on Photodynamic Therapy of Breast Cancer Cells
  • Devin Mills – Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Lanthanide Containing DOTMA Complexes
  • Hamad Mirza – Polyamidoamine Dendrimer as a Platform to Deliver siRNA for Lung Cancer Treatment
  • Ashura Molla – Pressurized MeteredDose Inhaler Formulations of Polyamidoamine/siRNA Dendriplexes for Lung Cancer Treatment
  • Lakshmi Nerusu – Regulation of Maternal Fetal Mucosal Immunity by HEXIM1 and Extrathymic AIRE in Pregnancy
  • Derek Robertson – Dissent in Restoration England: the Political and Social Status of an Outlawed Minority
  • Mariela Sanchez – Linguistic Inquiry of Formula 1 Race Car Drivers
  • Farah Sattar – Making connections between niche tropism of strains of Candida albicans to their genotypes and in vitro phenotypes
  • Aftab Shaik – Using RNA Interference to Identify Signaling Elements Associated with the Frazzled Protein
  • Raviteja Suradevara – Immune Cell Infiltration in the Brain following Intermittent Alcohol Exposure
  • Solomiya Svytka – Expression of Fetal Proteins from Overespressed Transcripts
  • Suha Syed – Indentification of pivotal species in the progression from a healthy vaginal microbiome to bacterial vaginosis and back again
  • Jacob Taylor – Efficient Algorithms for the Maximum Subarray Problem and their Applications in Big Data Analytics and Genomics
  • Wesley Trescott – Engineering the Eclipse Runtime Perspective for Code Exploration and Program Comprehension
  • Jill Young – Resocialization of singlehoused male rats after breeding