Wayne State University

Service-learning Requirement

Service-learning prepares students for productive lives in a diverse urban and global environment by involving students in community-based education and civic engagement.

Service-learning courses reflect the four Honors pillars:

  • Community: Over the course of a semester, students will work with a clearly identified community partner (churches, non-profit organizations, schools, etc.)
  • Service: It is expected that students will complete 10-30 hours of service
  • Research: Generally, service-learning courses should be led by full-time faculty, be relevant to the academic content of the associated class and include a reflective component such as journals, weblogs, or creative projects.
  • Career: The three-credit class applies towards degree requirements and Honors credits as well as connecting students to the surrounding community.

HON 3000

For freshmen invited into the Honors College of pursue University Honors, HON 3000 is part of the 36 Honors credit requirement. It is recommended that students try to complete the requirement during their sophomore year.

HON 3000 is a zero (0) credit course for satisfactory/unsatisfactory grades. It must be paired with an approved service-learning course for at least three (3) credits. Earning a B or better (3.00) in the service-learning course will result in an S ("Satisfactory") for HON 3000. Regardless of whether the service-learning class is an Honors section or not, it will count as Honors credit towards the 36 credit University Honors requirement.

How to find an approved Service-Learning Class

  1. Visit the CommunityEngagement@Wayne website for a list of current course offerings: http://www.communityengagement.wayne.edu/service-learning/courses.php Be sure to register for the exact section of the course indicated. Not all professors offer a service-learning component in the same class.

  2. Use Honors Option to identify an existing service-learning class.Complete the Honors Option form and explain how the course meets the four Honors pillars above. Be sure to include a copy of the syllabus.​

  3. Use Honors Option to add a service-learning component to a class (2000-level or above). The student is responsible for coordinating all of the criteria for a service-learning class as the additional Honors assignment for Honors Option.

Service Learning Honors Option proposals are subject to review by the Office of Community Engagement. If approved, you will receive permission to also register for HON 3000.