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Monteith College Endowed Scholarship

The Irvin D. Reid Honors College proudly established the Monteith College Endowed Scholarship in 2008, with a $5,000 lead gift. This scholarship, created in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Monteith's founding, will allow future generations of talented Wayne State students to be touched by the principles and values that Monteith College alumni hold dear.

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Please designate your gift for the Monteith College Endowed Scholarship, account 477049.

Monteith College Endowed Scholarship Donor Honor Roll

The Wayne State University Honors College would like to thank the following donors for their generous support of the newly established Monteith College Endowed Scholarship.

Ms. Arlene S. Altman-Wilson Ms. Linda G. Margolin
Mr. Christopher A. Andreoff Dr. Barry S. Markman
Mr. Charles E. Baier Ms. Diane L. McCallum
Mr. Thomas J. Barylski Mr. Dale J. McLellan
Ms. Ann N. Beard Attorney Emirene Mendoza
Mr. Lawrence E. Bernard Mr. Thomas Mich
Miss Judith E. Blackman John Millichamp
Edward A. Borycz Monteith Reunion
La Rue Briggs Jr. Ms. Peggy C. Moore
Mr. John G. Campbell Maureen E. Mulvihill, Ph.D.
Capital Region Community Foundation Veda S. Muthleb, M.D.
Ms. Clara M. Casey Ms. Linda L. Nervis
Ms. Judith A. Cassidy Ms. Elizabeth Nichols
Mr. Thomas D. Coffey Mr. Charles H. Nida
Mr. Marc Cogan Mr. Walter J. Nowacki
Sheldon Cohen Mr. Terrence M. O'Reilly
Mr. Roger J. Cook Dr. Dennis J. Pank
Mr. Matthew A. Cramer Mr. Howard Perlman
Mrs. Frances R. Dagbovie Mr. John E. Philips
Mr. Craig A. Daly Mr. Nelson Pole
Mrs. Rosemarie R. Dietrich Mr. Donald I. Potter
Mr. Timothy Downs Mr. Donald I. Potter
Ms. Linda A. Downs Mr. Harold A. Rahrig
Mr. James P. Elster Mr. Joseph C. Richert
Emirene Mendoza, P.C. Mrs. Mabel V. Riedel
The Honorable Sharon Tevis Finch Mr. William E. Rodak, Jr.
Ms. Lisa Forester Mr. John D. Rolling
The Honorable J. A. Friedlis Mrs. Charlene Roman
Mr. Cary D. Gersh Mr. Alexander J. Rostkowycz
Ms. Thomai Gersh Ruth A. Rydstedt, M.D.
Ms. Letty Goldberg Ms. Maria L. Rydstedt
Mrs. Matilda B. Graff Linea L. Rydstedt, M.D.
Dr. Anne C. Grafton Mr. Richard L. Sandler
Dr. Jaber F. Gubrium Mr. Bill J. Sawyer
Ms. Aisha Hagen Rev. Katharine Ray Schaefer
Ms. Aisha Hager Mr. Calvin J. Schaeffer
Ms. Diane V. Halas Ms. Joanne L. Seay-Byrd
Ms. Shirley S. Hamburg Mr. Randy M. Segal
Mrs. Barbara L. Hass Mr. Barry A. Seifman
Ms. Kristin Hay Ms. Jessica A. Seigel
Ms. Karen L. Henry David Serio
Gilbert E. Herman, M.D., Ph.D. Mr. Paul N. Shaheen
Mr. James L. Herman Mr. Michael R. Shpiece
Ms. Carol F. Holdengraber Mr. Frederick J. Shugar
Mr. Clark C. Hudson Mr. Joseph C. Smith
Elaine Hyman Mrs. Abbey Jo Rehling
Mr. William K. Jackson Melvin J. Soo Hoo, M.D.
Ms. Karen A. Jackson Ms. Judith A. Starr
Mrs. Barbara L. Jennings Mr. Jerold M. Starr
Mr. John D. Jennings Dr. Howard A. Sulkin
Mr. Victor P. Jiompkowski Ms. Anita M. Surma
Dr. William A. Johnston Mrs. Antoinette Szilagyi
Ms. Barbara E. Jones Asma Kallid Tapert
Dr. Joseph R. Kalik Ms. Diane B. Tewfik
Sheldon H. Kardener, M.D. Ms. Darrilyn E. Thomas
Dr. Robert P. Kelch Dr. Steven H. Tierney
Mr. John W. Kinch Mr. Harold S. Toppel
Ms. Theresa M. Klaasen Mr. Michael H. Traison
Dr. Andrew I. Kohen Mrs. John Trittschuh
Daniel P. Kohen, M.D. Mr. Roger A. Waha
Mr. Joseph Kott Mr. Michael T. Walbridge
Mrs. Kathryn Kozora Dr. Michael G. Weinstein
Mr. Kenneth R. Krauss Mr. Clifford L. Weisberg
Mr. Danny C. Krease Ms. Janice Weiss Dembs
Mrs. Lafond Kathy Kelton Wiley
Ms. Peggy O. Wujcik Mr. David H. Wolock
Mrs. Marcia A. Leaver Mrs. Melody A. Zeigler
Tommie Evans-Lee Mr. Ed Zelenak
Mrs. Janet Bimkrant Levine Mrs. Karen B. Zyczynski
Mrs. Linda M. Logan
Mr. Laurence M. Love
Ms. Marilyn S. Maas
Mr. Daniel P. Makarski
Mr. Ronald J. Manheimer
Mr. Neal R. Manson

Please note:

Deceased noted in italics.

This list includes donations made to the scholarship fund from January 1, 2008, through May 1, 2012. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact Meg Callow at (313) 577-4031 with questions.