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Year three: Research

Whether students are headed for graduate school or straight into a career, hands-on research provides crucial preparation for the future. The third-year focus is on developing individual research projects in collaboration with full-time faculty mentors. Research@Honors provides students with the resources necessary for successful undergraduate research projects. Through workshops and advising, Honors students learn how to apply for undergraduate research awards, find faculty mentors, present their work at conferences, and much more.

Wayne State provides students unparalleled access to research opportunities. Honors students work in world-class labs and hospitals, with non-profits in education, public health and the arts, on business innovation at TechTown, and community development.

Projects take place at home and abroad, covering disciplines from health and economics to social science and the arts. A student may travel across the globe to gather blood samples, across the country to observe at another university’s lab, or across town to interview senior citizens about their quality of life.

Many Honors students will choose to showcase their work at the university’s Undergraduate Research Conference, and may be selected to present on a state or national level.