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Honors Faculty and Staff

  • Jerry Herron, Ph.D.
    Jerry Herron, Ph.D.

    Dean of the Honors College
    Professor of English and American Studies
    (313) 577-3030

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  • D. Carl Freeman, Ph.D.
    D. Carl Freeman, Ph.D.

    Senior Faculty Advisor, Honors
    Professor of Biological Sciences
    (313) 577-2793

  • Kevin Deegan-Krause, Ph.D.
    Kevin Deegan-Krause, Ph.D.
    Honors Political Science 1010 Professor
    (313) 577-2630

    Kevin Deegan-Krause is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Wayne State University, Detroit and a research associate at the Department of Politology at Comenius University, Bratislava.  He is the author of Elected Affinities (Stanford 2006) and co-editor (with Zsolt Enyedi) of The Structure of Political Competition in Western Europe (Routledge 2010) and writes online at pozorblog.com.

  • Beth Fowler, Ph.D.
    Beth Fowler, Ph.D.
    Honors Senior Lecturer
    (313) 577-2525
    Beth Fowler received her Ph.D. from the Department of History at Wayne State University, and has taught many American and world history classes. Her dissertation, “Deliver Me From the Days of Old: Rock and Roll Music and the Racial Attitudes of Teenagers during the American Civil Rights Movement, is a study of how rock and roll music and media coverage of civil rights protests converged to encourage support for the desegregation of public spaces and moderate racial equality among middle-class black and white teenagers during the 1950s and 1960s. Her research interests include popular culture and consumerism, the U.S. civil rights movement, youth culture, urban history, gender and sexuality, and Twentieth Century U.S. and African-American History.
  • Elizabeth Hudson, Ph.D.
    Honors Senior Lecturer

    Elizabeth Hudson earned her PhD at the University of Michigan's Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education. While there, she collaborated with partners in Detroit to build a neighborhood educational access coalition, and the relationship development process in this partnership became the topic of her dissertation. She transitions into the Irvin D. Reid Honors College at Wayne State University from a research position at the Charles F. Kettering Foundation in Dayton, Ohio where she studied deliberative problem solving in communities and cultivating civic mindedness in college students.

  • Aaron Martin, Ph.D.
    Aaron Martin, Ph.D.
    Honors Senior Lecturer

    Aaron Martin studies political theory—focusing on political provocation—at Wayne State University, where in 2014 he received his PhD. As founder and director of the former nonprofit corp., TLC Charitable City Garden, Aaron also has begun researching in the field of local food politics.

  • Tim Moran, Ph.D.
    Tim Moran, Ph.D.
    Honors Senior Lecturer

    Tim Moran has spent a career as a journalist and author, writing for national, regional, and local publications on subjects that range from sailing to the automotive industry. He has worked as a staff reporter on a daily newspaper and, more extensively, as a freelance writer. He received his Ph.D. in Early American History from Wayne State in 2015 and has taught European History and American History both in the classroom and online. His thesis, “Our News is Sent by Lightning,” studied the creation of the earliest electric networks in American and how they affected news coverage from 1840 to the 1890s. Tim’s research interests include the Civil War, the Press, communication theory, and medieval history.

  • Martin DeNicolo, Ph.D
    Martin DeNicolo, Ph.D

    Honors Senior Lecturer


    Prior to joining the faculty at Wayne State University, Martin served as Assistant Professor of Political Science at Davis & Elkins College where he coordinated all aspects of the Political Science B.A. program.   In this capacity, he taught courses in every disciplinary subfield, facilitated a civic engagement symposium for freshmen, and directed several undergraduate research projects.  Currently, his research focuses on conceptions of citizenship and Establishment Clause jurisprudence.  He has published articles in Communication Education, European Journal of Political Theory, and The Cresset.

  • Erik Mortenson, Ph.D.
    Erik Mortenson, Ph.D.

    Honors Senior Lecturer


    Erik Mortenson specializes in American literary and visual texts and their intersection with the cultural concerns of the twentieth-century.  He is the author of Capturing the Beat Moment: Cultural Politics and the Poetics of Presence (Southern Illinois, 2011) and Ambiguous Borderlands: Shadow Imagery in Cold War American Culture (Southern Illinois, 2016).  Erik is currently finishing a third book project that explores the reception of the Beats in Turkey as “underground literature,” and is also an avid translator. In his spare time he enjoys playing racquet sports, swimming, and cooking for his family.

  • Andrew Cavin
    Andrew Cavin

    Honors Senior Lecturer


    Andrew Cavin received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2014. He works on modern European and German history, with a focus on cross-cultural exchange, colonialism in Africa, and the history of science, art, and philosophy. He is currently working on a book project that explores the connections between pervasive twentieth-century beliefs about the meaning of “modernity” and primitivist ideas found in anthropology, avant-garde art, and social theory.

  • Kamahra Ewing
    Kamahra Ewing

    Kamahra Ewing received her PhD in African American and African Studies at Michigan State University in 2016.  Her dissertation entitled, “Nollywood Goes to Brazil: Counter-hegemonic Media Flows in the African Diaspora,” examines the correlations between intra-ethnic identity and citizenship under recent Brazilian affirmative action legislation.  Mixed methods data collected in Salvador, Bahia and Sao Paulo revealed the Nollywood (Nigerian movie) phenomenon in Brazil–through exhibitions, co-productions, and audience reception within recent Nigerian immigrant communities as well as mostly Afro-Brazilian communities.  Prior, she received her MA from MSU where she examined North American pre-election civic engagement, social capital, and online media during the Obama campaign.  As an interdisciplinary social science and humanities researcher her interests include: popular culture, African diaspora, cultural production, representation, citizenship, globalization, democracy, media studies, government social policy, and film studies. Currently, she is working on three book chapters based on pre-dissertation and dissertation research. 

  • Kevin Piotrowski
    Kevin Piotrowski

    Senior Communications Officer
    (313) 577-4621

    Kevin (or "KP" as he is known around WSU) serves as the main communications contact for the Honors College in addition to coordinating the "Cultural Passport" events, Scholars Day, and other important events for the Irvin D. Reid Honors College. He also assists the Dean with special projects and planning.  KP has worked in various roles at Wayne State since 1993, and also continues to teach media and broadcasting courses in the Department of Communication.

  • Antonio Austin
    Antonio Austin

    Office Services Clerk
    (313) 577-2440

  • Stuart May

    Associate Director, Business Affairs
    (313) 993-4026

  • Kevin Rashid
    Kevin Rashid

    Honors Curriculum Coordinator
    (313) 577-2445

    Kevin Rashid coordinates the IDR Honors College's first year curriculum and manages Research@Honors and the Detroit Fellows Tutoring Project.  He is also a poet and facilitates creative writing workshops in non-traditional places. Kevin knows Wayne State "from the grounds-up," having worked for many years as a full-time university groundskeeper while earning an MA in English and teaching composition, creative writing and American Studies.

  • Rachel Pawlowski
    Rachel Pawlowski

    Academic Adviser
    (313) 577-9177

    Rachel has served as an Academic Advisor for the Honors College since 2012.  Before coming to WSU, she received a Bachelors of Psychology and a Masters of Counseling from Oakland University and worked as a First Year Advisor at Baker College of Clinton Township from 2009-2012.  Currently, she uses that proactive first year advising model and is in charge of the advising programming for the first and second year honors students.  She works will honors students of all types including transfer students, FTIAC (first time in any college) students, and earn-in students.  Rachel is currently pursuing her Educational Specialist Certificate at WSU and anticipates graduation in Winter 2017.  She is excited to be working with such robust and high achieving students as those in the Honors College and looks forward to helping each and every honors student achieve their academic goals.

  • Aundra Freeman
    Aundra Freeman

    Academic Advisor


    (313) 577-9075


    Aundra Freeman is currently an Academic Advisor for the Honors College. She has over 3 years experience serving as an Academic Advisor for several Community Colleges in Michigan, along with 10 years   teaching Business, CIS and Student Success courses. Her advising experience includes new, FTIAC, guest, and transfer students.  Aundra completed her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Wayne State and MBA from University of Phoenix. She looks forward to enabling students to best represent themselves utilizing the tools to become successful WSU honors students.  

  • Angel B. Niederkohr
    Angel B. Niederkohr
    Academic Adviser
    (313) 577-9176

    Angel joined the Honors College in January 2016 and serves as an academic adviser. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies from University of Michigan Dearborn in 2006. Afterward, she served as an English Language Assistant in Versailles while living in Paris. Upon returning to the U.S., she completed a Master of Science in Global and International Education with Drexel University. Angel worked as a coordinator for student activities, international programs and orientation at St. Clair County Community College from 2009-2012. Angel is student-centered and aims to help students reach their goals with accurate planning and focus.

    Schedule: Monday 12:30-4; Wednesday 8:30-5; Thursday 8:30-5

  • Ali Salamey
    Ali Salamey

    Academic Service Officer
    (313) 577-8523

    Ali is the Program Coordinator for the Start Programs in the Honors College.  After exploring his academic and personal interests living in such diverse places as New York, Ann Arbor, Fez and Beirut, Ali returns to Wayne State University where he completed his undergraduate degree in English.  Ali has extensive student services experience working at top research universities in the country as an academic advisor, program manager and instructor, in addition to completing his Masters degree in English and advanced doctoral coursework in Arabic Language and Literature.

  • Drew Moser
    Drew Moser
    Honors College Coordinator

    Drew serves as the Honors College Coordinator, with primary duties including managing the front reception area and assisting with coordinating of events for the Honors College. He came to Wayne State with two years of experience in the Records and Registration Office at Henry Ford College. In addition, he worked for 2 1/2 years as a Journalist for the Oxford Leader. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Mass Communication/Broadcast Arts from Rochester College in 2009.


  • Alaa K. Al-Makhzoomy
    Alaa K. Al-Makhzoomy

    Part-Time Learning Designer and Technologist


    Alaa Khalaf Al-Makhzoomy, received his second Master’s degree in Learning Design and Technology from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, in 2017. He received his first Master's degree in Computer and Information Science from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH in 2010. Since then, he has been teaching many disciplinary subfields of computer science at many different institutes in both countries; Jordan and the US. Right now, he is working on obtaining a PhD in Learning Design and Technology at Wayne State University. His research is focused on teaching computer programming through Game-Development Based Learning (GDBL).

  • Anna Maria Flores
    Anna Maria Flores
    Manager, Community Engagement@Wayne
    (313) 577-9216
    Anna Maria K. Flores is the newly appointed Manager of Community Engagement at the Honors College, and is already feeling at home to be back on such an invigorating campus. She will graduate in May with a PhD in Media Arts & Studies from WSU’s Department of Communication and is also a King-Chavez-Parks Future Faculty Fellow. Her academic interests are media criticism, sociology, critical pedagogy, diversity and gender studies, with research interests in media literacy, family communication and gender. She has worked on college access and success initiatives as the Education Policy Intern in Governor Granholm’s office and grant management as a GEAR UP Coordinator, as well as marketing coordination and media production in the telecommunication industry. Anna Maria has also enjoyed being in the classroom as an instructor for media, communication and writing courses at Rochester College, Lawrence Technological University, Henry Ford College and Wayne State University.  She is also a proud alumna of the Great Lakes Bay Hispanic Leadership Institute and Emma Bowen Foundation for Minority Interests in Media. Ms. Flores is passionate about diversity and inclusion, service learning and educational opportunity.